Paolo Di Gironimo   Double bass – Loop station

Chiara Durante   Choreography and performer

Stefano Massei    Readings

Double bass, loop station, dance, video and literary passages are the core elements of A Wild Wave of Wind, the first innovative show about the relationship between man and nature. The bond between all these parts will lead the audience into a hypnotic journey, a kind of trance which is not lacking in strong emotional and reflexive impulses. The animal world, the often harmful human impact on the environment, the cultural differences between East and West, the elimination of suffering through reconnection to nature and regression to childhood, are just some of the issues that subliminally emerge and creep into the mind of the viewer. 



Paolo Di Gironimo  Double bass - Video - Script

The first one-man show which is adaptable to any kind of scenario. Double is the mise-en-scène of an artist's efforts in dealing with an increasingly disparate audience with different musical tastes. It is a brand new idea of a musical live performance, frequently interrupted - and ruled - by unexpected videochats with various and bizarre characters. In the end, they are what really keeps the performance going: irreverent, ruthless and blunt with Paul DB, they in fact mirror an often insensitive and faddist audience. Sadly, the same kind of audience that still remains a basic part to the fame and the small satisfactions of an artist... 


LUdus Gravis Ensemble

Daniele Roccato  principal double bass and artistic director

Stefano Battaglia, Paolo Di Gironimo, Simone Masina, Andrea Passini, Giacomo Piermatti, Francesco Platoni, Alessandro Schillaci  double basses

Ludus Gravis, a double basses ensemble entirely committed to contemporary music performance, came to life after the encounter between Stefano Scodanibbio and Daniele Roccato. On March 2010 the octect made its debut at the Auditorio Nacional de Música of Madrid.

It has taken part in several music festivals of international renown, such as La Biennale di Venezia (Italy), I Concerti del Quirinale (Italy), Musica D’Hoy (Madrid - Spain), Rassegna di Nuova Musica (Macerata - Italy), AngelicA (Bologna - Italy), Imago Dei (Krems - Austria), Music of Changes (Klaipeda - Lithuania), Gaida (Vilnius - Lithuania), Unicum (Ljubljana - Slovenia), Borealis (Bergen - Norway), Vinterfestuka (Narvik - Norway), Ad Lucem (Riga - Latvia), Susa Festival (Naestved - Denmark), Lux Aeterna (Hamburg - Germany), Ciclo de Conciertos de Música Contemporánea (Bilbao – Spain), Fundación BBVA (Madrid – Spain). 

The ensemble made a number of live radio recordings for Rai RadioTre and Sky ARTE and recorded an album for the German record label WERGO. Furthermore, a new album for the record label ECM New Series is going to be released in 2017.

Ludus Gravis has worked closely with world-famous composers as Terry Riley, Hans Werner Henze, Sofia Gubaidulina, Julio Estrada, and collaborates with writer, playwright and actor Vitaliano Trevisan.



Paolo Di Gironimo and

Federico Passaro double basses

'Sonnets' is a musical project by Paolo Di Gironimo and Federico Passaro formed to explore all the existing compositions of 20th century double bass duo chamber music.

Performing these pieces, Sonnets intends to encourage new composers to grow and expand this kind of repertoire.