Paolo Di Gironimo

He was born in Rome on October 27, 1984.

In 2000 he started to study electric bass with Luca Barberini and Toni Armetta at MIA School, located in Viale Mazzini in Rome.

In 2003 he enrolled in Conservatory of Music in Perugia where he began to study double bass under the guidance of Daniele Roccato.

On March 30, 2009 he graduated from University of Rome Tor Vergata with a Humanities Bachelor’s Degree in “History, Science and Music Techniques”.

In September 2009 he obtained a double bass degree at Conservatory of Music in Perugia.

In 2010 he joined Ludus Gravis ensemble, a double basses only group entirely committed to contemporary music performance, which was founded by M° Daniele Roccato and M° Stefano Scodanibbio. On March 4 2010 the octect made its debut at the Auditorio Nacional de Música of Madrid, on the occasion of “Musica D’Hoy”, one of the most remarkable contemporary music international festivals.

So far together with the double bass ensemble he has already gained a great deal of experiences under his belt. He has taken part in several music festivals of international renown, such as La Biennale di Venezia (Italy), I Concerti del Quirinale (Italy), Musica D’Hoy (Madrid - Spain), Rassegna di Nuova Musica (Macerata - Italy), AngelicA (Bologna - Italy), Imago Dei (Krems - Austria), Music of Changes (Klaipeda - Lithuania), Gaida (Vilnius - Lithuania), Unicum (Ljubljana - Slovenia), Borealis (Bergen - Norway), Vinterfestuka (Narvik - Norway), Ad Lucem (Riga - Latvia), Susa Festival (Naestved - Denmark), Lux Aeterna (Hamburg - Germany), Ciclo de Conciertos de Música Contemporánea (Bilbao – Spain), Fundación BBVA (Madrid - Spain). 


He made a number of live radio recordings for Rai RadioTre and Sky ARTE and recorded albums for the two record labels WERGO and ECM New Series; in addition to that, many of his performances have been well reviewed both online and on famous Italian and international newspapers and periodicals.

Working with Ludus Gravis ensemble he collaborated directly with world-famous composers as Stefano Scodanibbio, Julio Estrada, Terry Riley, Sofia Gubaidulina, Hans Werner Henze.

He has been teaching electric bass, double bass and theory and solfège for several years in Rome, both giving private lessons and teaching at the music schools “L’Esacordo” and “Note in Tempo”.

He was often appointed as examiner by Music Conservatory in Perugia.


In 2013 he began his solo career by creating an original and eclectic show, called "A Wild Wave of Wind": it is shaped around the expressive qualities of double bass and focuses on the relationship between man and nature. The show made its debut in September 2014 at Teatro Aurelio in Rome, and after that repeated in several Roman theaters (Teatro Manhattan, Teatro Le Salette, Fonderia delle Arti). 

He is a bass and/or double bass player in different music bands in Rome, like La Stirpe di Morgana (progressive rock), Cantiere Oltremare (folk music), Matrellas (rock’n’roll, vintage),  A Wild Wave of Wind (contemporary music and dance). Working in these projects, he has already performed in almost all the most famous clubs and theatres in Rome, like Stazione Birra, Fonclea, Jail Break, Contestaccio, Caffè Latino, Circolo degli Artisti, Locanda Atlantide, Locanda Blues, Asino che Vola, Mahalia, Teatro Ghione, Teatro Ambra Jovinelli, Teatro Valle, Teatro Aurelio, Teatro Le Salette, Teatro Manhattan, Baths of Caracalla Stadium, National Museum of Musical Instruments, Rocca dei Borgia (Nepi).

He plays an active role as composer and songwriter in La Stirpe di Morgana. With the band, he took part in many emerging music contests, where he was highly praised for musical arrangements. In 2012 he recorded with them their first self-produced album entitled “Perspectives in Cage”, which quickly came to be broadcasted on stations as Radio Rock and Radio Città Aperta and several web radios as well. In January 2016 La Stirpe di Morgana performed as opening act for Stef Burns (solo project of Vasco Rossi's guitarist) at the club Planet in Rome. 

Working with VazzaNikki he had a special walk-on part during the shooting of RAI TV sitcom “Tutti Pazzi per Amore 3” and recorded the first self-produced album of the band entitled “Fintage” (2013). With them he also collaborated with the pop music artist Alexia, making an arrangement of one of her songs and performing with her at Baths of Caracalla Stadium.

Being involved in Cantiere Oltremare project, he regularly took part in the festival “Contaminazioni”, held by Testaccio folk music school.

He played with the youth orchestra “Massimo Freccia”.


In 2016 he took part to the contemporary music festival "Directions", together with Imago Sonora ensemble, at the Accademia Filarmonica Romana; in that occasion he performed “Botschaft an Valerie”, a piece by György Kurtág for double bass solo, and collaborated with composer Giacomo Manzoni.

Since 2014 he has been working on a series of music videos, which are currently available on his YouTube channel. They featured musical arrangements of various pop-rock songs, made for electric bass and double bass. 

He attended a two year course of sound, recording, and music editing using the Nuendo e Logic software under the supervision of Genzo Okabe, at the MIA Records music studios.

In 2013 he worked as speaker for a web radio station in a broadcast committed to promoting emerging bands.

He has been practising martial arts since 2006, which greatly contribute to his own growth as a musician in terms of physical perception and deeper awareness applied to the instrument. Throughout the years, these qualities have given him an excellent teaching method. In 2006 he became head instructor of the Kung Fu course for kids at Accademia d'Arti Orientali “Il Soffio del Drago”.